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Birthdays greeting cards

Birthdays are actually the special occasion for all the souls in this universe. Surprising your loved one with pleasant gifts and birthday greetings cards may make their birthday even more special and memorable one. Let’s see some of the interesting ways to design your birthday greeting card and what are the messages that can be incorporated in a greeting card for making it even more special.

While designing a birthday cards, usually individuals used to spend lots of money in buying the things. But, you can also make attractive card by using simple things. Some of the methods to create birthday card with simple things include,

1. Use colored card or paper

For making your card, you can take a colored A4 size paper or card and fold it into half. This will give your card a creative look and you can make a background by pasting the strips of different colored papers.

2. Create your own cover page

You can create a cover page, by taking the scrap paper followed by writing your warm birthday wishes on it. Once you are done with your message, you can paste it on the front page of your card.

3. Open the card

Once the cover page is done, open the folded sheet and create the inner page of the card. Delivering the message with catchy words will definitely surprise your loved one.

By following the above simple steps, you can make a wonderful birthday greeting card without spending much. Now, many may feel how to write impressive messages inside the card. Here is the list of some interesting ideas to add extra warmth and personality to your message.

You can include messages like:

“Happy, Happy Birthday my love”,

“I hope you will get something to do in this special occasion”,

“Thanks for being here, being with me, being you”,

“So grateful that god has put you on this earth and also in my life”,

“Wishing you a happy birthday and a year that’s blessed with lots of joy and happiness”,

“Warmest wishes and my love for you on your birthday!”

If you are making a milestone greeting card, then you need to let him or her to know the importance of having a nice and round-number birthday.

Belated wishes are also better than never. If you forget to wish your loved one on their birthday, no need to worry or don’t hesitate to wish her after a day. You can make a belated wishes birthday greeting card with a small apologize and this will definitely make her happy. Overall, Birthday cards are special since it will delivers your love and care towards your loved ones just by your warm wishes.

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